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Housing Rates and Services

2023-24 Academic Year Housing and Dining Rates**

***Rates do not include one-time $20 Activity Fee (for all) and $30 Admin Fee (for payment installment options).

Incoming First-Year/Transfer Students (2 Dining Plan Options)


 *Mini-Double at ERC Apartment and Rita only

Continuing Students (3 Dining Plan Options)

* EIght (8) College Apartment Locations: Revelle, Muir, Sixth, Marshall, Warren, Roosevelt, Seventh, Eighth


**Triton Cash bonus is only given to residents who move in prior to October 3, 2023.  All students moving in on, or after, October 3, 2023 will not be eligible for Triton Cash bonus.

Additional Resources & Services

Services and In-Room Amenities

Our comprehensive program offers EVERYTHING you want & need!

Everything you want in one place for one great price. You save over $100 a month on extras like 24/7 high-speed internet access and premium cable TV with two HBO channels, MTV, and much more. We also include services that free you up to concentrate on being a student: housekeeping, utilities (water, electricity, and gas), trash and recycling services, onsite laundry facilities, security services, and countless activities to provide much-needed study breaks.

* consult your college of residence

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What's Provided & What To Bring

Please note: Below are some items you may or may not need, depending on your situation. Amenities vary at each college. Room sizes are limited, so you don’t want to bring too much stuff! We also recommend contacting your future roommates beforehand to make sure there won't be a duplication of appliances cluttering up valuable living space.

We suggest waiting until you arrive to determine any additional items to bring (including small bookshelf, storage, etc.).

Arrange When You Arrive...

Refrigerator / Microwave (residence hall style)

You may bring your own mini refrigerator, if it is smaller than five cubic feet and has a safe UL-approved electrical system. We recommend a micro fridge which will save on energy and help keep our community "green!" Allowable wattage for microwaves is up to 700 watts.

MicroFridges are available for rental from Collegiate Concepts, Inc.(CCI), the exclusive/endorsed/approved provider of MicroFridges at UC San Diego. More information can be found by visiting:

Landline Telephone service

Very few of our residents subscribe to a landline. If you would like to make arrangements for regular telephone service, please contact your Res Life Office for instructions. If you would like a phone and answering machine, be sure to bring them with you.

How to understand your University housing bill

Understanding Your Dining Plan