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Living On Campus

Nothing beats On Campus Living — you’re next door to everything & everyone!

On-campus housing communities and dining facilities will remain open with enhanced precautionary measures to help protect the health and well-being of students, faculty and staff.

Roll out of bed. Walk to class. Lunch with friends. Quick nap. Afternoon lecture. Sunset surfing at the beach. Study session with suitemates. Movie night in the lounge.

This is everyday life when you call UC San Diego home. Students who live on campus generally report feeling more fulfilled by their college experience. Explore our website to learn more about living with us at UC San Diego!

2022-2023 On-Campus Housing Eligibility

Our intent is to offer on-campus housing to all new incoming first-year and transfer students, and based on space availability, for continuing second year students.

Will there be a priority system?

In order to receive priority consideration, students must meet the admissions and housing deadlines.

Housing will be offered using the following priority order:

  1. Scholars in UC San Diego programs that provide four years of housing guarantee or mandate living on campus as a condition of their offer.
  2. New incoming first-year and transfer students.
  3. Returning second-year students, including second-year transfer students who resided in on-campus housing for at least two of three quarters during the 2021-22 academic year. (A lottery system will be used to set the order of invitations.  It is likely that some students from this group will be assigned to a housing waitlist.))
  4. Remaining second-year students, including second-year transfer students. (These assignments will be made from a waitlist based on waitlist application date. Historically, we are able to accommodate only a very small group in late summer.)
  5. Remaining third- and fourth-year students.  (These assignments will be made from a waitlist based on waitlist application date. Historically, we are able to accommodate only a very small group in late summer.)

We expect to be able to house Groups 1 and 2, and some students from Group 3.

First-Year Student/Transfers

Students who have accepted their Offer of Admissions to UC San Diego may apply for housing after March 28, 2022*. Please allow 24-48 hours after accepting the Offer of Admission to access the 2022-2023 Incoming Student Housing Application Process via the Housing Portal:

Housing Portal

Be sure to apply by your Housing Application Deadline. Only students who meet the admissions and housing application deadlines will be able to move forward onto the Housing Contract Process.

Housing Application Deadline Dates

  • First-year student: May 9, 2022
  • Incoming transfer student: June 9, 2022

Once you have access to your Triton Checklist, please be sure to activate your UC San Diego email address. Important housing information and reminders will be sent to this email account.

*Please Note: Your housing application date does not affect your housing placement. Submitting a housing application just lets us know you are interested and would like to move forward with the Housing Contract Process.

Understand Your University Housing Bill

Need to understand your University housing bill?  Watch this video now!

Room Assignment

Residence hall (suite) and apartment assignments will be at double occupancy and some limited triple occupancy rooms. There are also a limited number of single occupancy bedrooms throughout our undergraduate communities. 

Incoming first-year and transfer room assignments will be determined by a variety of factors including: room type preferences, roommate requests, Personal History Form (PHF) answers, available space in all housing areas, and other factors.

  • Incoming first-year student housing assignments begin in the residence halls and apartments in their college of registration, then continue into other on-campus housing areas.
  • Incoming transfer housing assignments begin in Pepper Canyon East apartments and the Rita Atkinson Residences, and continue into other on-campus housing areas as needed.

Fluctuations in undergraduate housing, high enrollments, or recommendations by public health officials may affect housing placements.  

Students will find out their room assignment in late August via the Housing Portal.

Continuing Students

Continuing Student Housing Room Selection information can be found on our Room Selection page.