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Housing Contract Process

Once the Housing Contract Process begins, you will be able to access it by logging into the Housing Portal with your User ID/PID and password (same login as the Enrollment Checklist).  You will be able to do the following:

  • Complete your Personal History Form (roommate matching information).
  • Sign your housing contract and make $450 prepayment.
  • Select billing installment plan and dining plan.
  • Indicate your gendered housing preference.
  • Optional:  apply for a Living Learning Community or select interest in Gender Inclusive Housing.
  • Select a facility type preference (limited by area) and/or select a room type preference (preferences are not guaranteed).
  • Create and manage roommate request groups (optional).


Due to high demand, all deadlines and requirements will be strictly enforced and can’t be appealed. No exceptions will be made. 

While we do encourage you to do this process sooner than later, there is no priority given to those who complete the process early. We expect there to be quite a bit of web activity on the first day, so you may experience some system delays.  If so, please try again later. We also highly advise against completing the process between the hours of 12 am PST – 7 am PST. The campus is running production/technical jobs during this time frame which may cause an update delay. Please try to complete the process outside of these hours.

We know that where you choose to live is important to your college experience. While we hope that you choose to live on campus with us, living on campus is optional and is not a requirement. To help you make an informed decision, here is some important housing information:

  • Legally Binding Contract - By completing the housing contract process, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions of the legally binding housing contract (a sample housing contract can be found on the Housing Contract and Rates page). You will be financially responsible for your room and dining charges for the entire term of the contract. A request to break your housing contract early and move out must be officially reviewed and approved. Contract Termination requests are generally only granted due to truly extenuating circumstances.
  • Cancellation Policy - After completing the housing contract process (but prior to check-in and picking up keys or prior to your rental agreement start date, whichever occurs first), if you need to cancel your housing contract, you may do so by logging into the Housing Portal and filling out a cancellation form. Depending on when you choose to cancel your housing contract, a cancellation fee may be assessed. Please review our Cancellation policy located on the Housing Contract & Rates page.
  • Room Assignments - You will be able to view your Room Assignment in late-August. We will ask you for your room type preferences and roommate requests after you complete the Housing Contract process. Please note: room preferences and roommate requests are not guaranteed as there are a variety of factors that are taken into consideration when you are being assigned to your space, such as college of registration, personal history form answers, gender, and availability of space.
    • INCOMING FIRST-YEAR STUDENT - Assignments will begin in the residence halls and apartments of the college of registration, then may continue into other on-campus housing areas as needed.  
    • INCOMING TRANSFER- Assignments will begin at the Pepper Canyon East Apartments and the Rita Atkinson Residence Apartments, then may continue into other on-campus housing areas as needed. 
  • Dining Plan - Our housing program is an all-inclusive package with a Dining Plan, which is included in the cost of the room. The Dining Plan is required for all students who choose to live on campus and cannot be dropped, reduced, refunded, or transferred to another Triton Card Account. You will be selecting a Dining Plan during the Housing Contract Process. More information regarding the dining plan can be found on the Housing Contract Dining Plan page.

If you have any questions regarding the housing contract process, please reach out to us at either 858.534.4010 or via email at

Housing Contract Process 

The Housing Contract process consists of completing a Personal History Form, electronically signing the housing contract, and submitting the $450 housing prepayment.

  • Fill out your Personal History Form (includes updating your address and emergency contact). Answer all required questions honestly. With regards to the housing installment payment plan, you will have three options available to you (Quarterly, Monthly, or Pay In Full). If you are a student who will be receiving financial aid funds (grants, loans, scholarships), please select the QUARTERLY payment plan option.  This ensures your housing charges will post at the same time that your financial aid will disburse.  If you would like to review the various payment plan options and due dates, please visit our Rates and Services page.

    If you need to change your personal history form for any reason, you can do so throughout the process until the deadline date. Simply log back into the Housing Portal.

  • Electronically sign the Housing Contract. Please carefully review the Housing Contract and cancellation policy, paying particular attention to Sections 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, and 18 of the housing contract. We suggest you print out a copy of the Housing Contract for your records. 

    The appendices referred to in the body of the Housing Contract include such items as the Cancellation Policy, the Cost and Payment Schedule, and the Housing Calendar. Copies of the Housing Contract and Appendices are available by visiting our HDH website. We strongly suggest that you view and print copies of these documents for easy access as they are very informative.

    If you are under 18 years, we will need an additional parent/legal guardian signature on the Housing Contract. Your parent must be present when you electronically sign the Housing Contract. You will be prompted to send a confirmation code to your parent/legal guardian's email address, which will then need to be entered into the contract within 10 minutes to serve as the co-signer signature. 

  • Make a $450 prepayment. Decide whether you would like to pay via e-check (using your U.S. Bank account and routing number) or credit card (VISA, M/C, AMEX, Discover).

    If you choose to “Pay by E-Check,” be sure to complete the entire process. You should receive a confirmation email from QuikPay Online Services with a confirmation number, to the email address provided during the E-Check process. If you do not receive a confirmation of payment via email, you did not complete the process. Please double check to ensure you completed this step. Please contact your bank to verify that the routing and account number you are using is correct for making e-check payments. It may take one day for the university to receive the funds and for this step to be marked as complete on your housing contract checklist, but can take 3-7 days to be withdrawn from your account. Do not use the numbers on your debit/credit card as the account number.

    If you choose to "Pay by Credit Card," you will be charged a 2.85% Service Fee for processing your payment. This means that the Service Fee amount is calculated based on 2.85% of your total payment amount. The 2.85% Service Fee is added to your payment and will appear as a separate item on your credit or debit card statement. The Service Fee is not a fee assessed by your institution. The Service Fee is not refundable, even if the payment to which it relates is canceled, refunded, credited or charged back. By using this service you agree to pay the service fee. You should receive a confirmation email from QuikPay Online Services with a confirmation number, to the email address provided during the Credit Card process. If you do not receive a confirmation of payment via email, you did not complete the process. Please double check to ensure you completed this step. 

    If you have any questions or need any assistance from our office, please email us at (be sure to include your full name and PID) or give us a call at 858.534.4010.