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2023-2024 Move-In & Move-Out Information

Welcome to the 2023-24 academic year!  The housing contract begins September 23, 2023 and ends on June 15, 2024.  

Check out our new updates for Move-Out 2024 below!


2024 End Of Year Move-Out

As the end of the academic year approaches, we want to remind everyone of the importance of timely move-out for students living on campus. While housing contracts officially end on June 15, 2024 at 6:00PM, we encourage students to plan their move-out after their last final exam. The earlier they can vacate, the better, especially with commencement events looming. Early departure helps mitigate traffic and parking congestion on campus during this busy time. Stay updated on move-out procedures by checking back frequently for updated information.

Additionally, consult your community Residence Life Offices for specific information regarding move-out for your housing community. 

Preparation For Move-Out

If you are planning to go home this Memorial Day weekend (May 25 – 27), please pack a few extra bags or ship a box or two of your belongings home as well. This will make the move-out process much smoother and easier for you.

  • The Trove is centrally located in the northwest corner of the Price Center. They provide on-site parcel processing via US Postal Service and offer discounts on UPS and FedEx compared to carrier direct.
  • Note: International packages require a computer-generated USPS customs form.

Consider moving out after June 1 (Recommended if you do NOT have in-person commitments for finals)

  • Residents can begin moving out without an approved contract termination as early as June 1, 2024 as the last two weeks of each quarter are not prorated.
  • We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, especially if you do not have in-person commitments for finals.
  • Free boxes will be provided through our Dining facilities and markets beginning June 5th (while supplies last). See details here and further below under “Other Tips for a Successful Move-out”.

Consider moving out during the week of June 10-15 (Recommended for best vehicle access)

  • We strongly urge all residents to move out earlier in the week prior to June 15, especially if using multiple vehicles to avoid impacted traffic and parking due to Commencement.
  • All this week temporary loading signs will be posted near residence halls or apartments for quick loading access.
  • If you need to park longer than the posted loading time, please use nearby pay station parking.
  • Transportation Services will be activating their Commencement/Move-out webpage, which will detail campus entry points for move-out, parking instructions and a link to a move-out access voucher specifically for use on Saturday, June 15, the busiest traffic day of the week due to Commencement.
    • This voucher will help transportation staff identify which location to best help students and their families. This voucher can be printed out or shown on a phone or tablet for access.
    • The college residential area where you live will have a voucher unique to that neighborhood. Here is an example so you know what to look for.

Exceptions to move-out deadlines - LIMITED Exceptions may be approved for a late stay request past the contract move-out deadline of June 15, 2024 at 6:00PM via a required on-line written request. Students are being instructed to submit any Late Stay Request with their Single Sign-On credentials through the Housing Portal beginning today through June 3, 2024. Note the following:

  • Submitting a request does not guarantee an approval to stay later.
  • The Residence Life Office where you live will review the request and limited approvals for a late stay will be made if you meet certain criteria. You may be asked to provide documentation following the request for an extension.
  • Failing to follow the applicable steps can result in a fee assessed for Improper Checkout.
  • Requests for Late Stays will not be available after June 3, 2024 at 11:59PM (PST).

 When All is Packed and Ready to Go: All current residents will do an Express Check-Out when they have completely moved out and are ready to turn in their keys and depart campus.

  • The form will be available for access via Single Sign-On credentials in the Housing Portal beginning May 31, 2024. Do not complete this form until are you are ready to move-out and depart campus.
  • Additional information will be posted online on the HDH Move-In/Move-Out page and you will receive more detailed move-out information from your RA/HA and Residence Life Office.
All units will be assessed for damages after move-out. You may incur a damage fee should there be excessive cleaning or physical damages noted in your suite or apartment.


Other Tips for a Successful Move-out:

MAKE MOVING EASIER: Just as suggested when you moved in, we encourage that you bring a personal dolly or cart to assist in your move. NOTE: Limited carts will be made available in some living areas.

  • Dining Services will offer free boxes to residents for packing purposes starting on June 5th (until supplies last). Markets will also offer some packing supplies for sale.
  • Box pick up locations will be provided to students in the coming weeks.

MAIL SERVICES: Student mail will be delivered through Finals Week. After that, mail will be forwarded to the permanent address listed in your record for 60 days (U.S. addresses only). You can check that address or edit a new address via your My TritonLink

  • Packages – USPS packages delivered after Finals Week will be forwarded to your permanent U.S. address for 60 days; packages from all other carriers will be returned to sender, so make sure you collect them before moving out!

DONATIONS: We encourage you  to donate what you don’t pack! HDH and the Residence Life Offices have partnered with Disabled American Veterans (DAV) to provide donation bins for any clothes, housewares, or small appliances you don’t want to take home. DAV bins are distributed in convenient locations in all the college neighborhoods.  Connect with your Residence Life Office to find out your nearest bin.

FOOD DONATIONS: HDH is partnering with the Triton Food Pantry to collect non-perishable food items. Food donation bins for non-perishable, unopened items will be set up by Dining Services starting June 5th through 15th at various dining facilities and markets. The donations will go to the Triton Food Pantry locations to serve students through summer and the academic year.

DAMAGE RESPONSIBILITY: As stated in your Housing Contract (Section 10), residents are financially responsible for any damage to their bedroom, apartment, common areas and furnishings (including leaving excess trash or abandoned belongings). Residents assessed for damages will receive notice via their UCSD email by early July. All damage charges will be on your July billing statement and viewable on TritonLink in July.

  • All residence halls and apartments will be closed and locked after 6:00 pm on Saturday, June 15, 2024.  By that time, your suite or apartment must be cleaned, vacated, and keys turned in. Students not completely moved out by this time or by an approved late move-out time by requested exception, may be assessed late charges after this deadline. 

Fall 2023 Move-In Information

Move-in weekend is September 23rd & 24th with the first day of classes on September 28th!  Make sure you are watching for information at your UCSD email along with updates here and through your College.

MyRoomAssignment Information

What is MyRoomAssignment? ---- This is launched through the Housing Portal to access your assignment information; view roommates and suite/apartment-mates; and select your move-in and date time to arrive on campus.

UPDATE:  If you have changed your preferred name through the campus Social Identities Tool, please note that Housing receives a weekly update each Tuesday and will process it at that time.

Each housing area/college will have a designated "start date" as the release of assignments go out on a rolling basis.  See the information below to help gauge on what date you can start to login to view your assignment and select your move-in date and time.  The dates below reflect being assigned to a space and the appropriate housing area/college.  It is possible for some students to be housed outside of their college of registration or housing area. Please do not attempt to login before your designated "start date" below.  You will receive a 'no access' page at login. 

An email to all active housing contract holders will go out no later than 4pm on Monday, August 21st to your UCSD email account with your housing area/college designation and access start date as a reminder. We are excited to see you in the Fall!


Housing Area/College (Community) Access Date To View MyRoomAssignment
Warren College Residents August 22, 2023
Sixth College Residents August 23, 2023
Seventh College Residents August 24, 2023
Pepper Canyon East/Matthews Residents August 25, 2023
Rita Atkinson Residents August 25, 2023
Muir College Residents August 26, 2023
Eighth College Residents August 27, 2023
Thurgood Marshall College (TMC) Residents August 27, 2023
Eleanor Roosevelt College (ERC) Residents August 28, 2023
Revelle College Residents August 29, 2023

 Move-In Date & Time Selection

To help make the move-in process as smooth as possible, we have provided the following tips:

  • MyRoomAssignment launches based on the schedule above.  Once you are able to login, you can review your assignment information and select your move-in date and time.  All students must select a move-in date and time  by 11:59PM on Thursday, September 7, 2023.  If you do not select a move-in date and time, one will be assigned to you.
  • Move-In Arrival Date and Time: 
    • If you are a current summer housing resident who opted in for extended housing --- you will move to your permanent space on September 14. Room charges apply as indicated for those that opt-in to this program.
    • We have a few additional programs that may have September 15 move-in date and time options available and you are more than welcome to select it.  
    • All students can select from the options below:
      • Early Move-In --- If you would like to arrive early, you can select from available times on September 20, 21, and 22.  The cost is $50/day and will be billed to your student account by October.*
      • General Move-In --- Takes place beginning September 23 with dates and times through September 29.  
      • Late Move-In --- Students that have a need to arrive later (after September 29), please connect with your housing community's Residence Life Office.
  • Plan accordingly.  There are a number of available move-in date and times to select from.  Please be willing to have options as we cannot have everyone move-in at the same time.  There are no after hours move-in available.
  • Move-In date and times will vary by housing/area and college and do not affect another area.  For example, a student living at Revelle cannot select date/times available to those at Muir College.  Most housing areas will roughly offer times starting at 8:30am/9:00am through 4:00pm.  Some areas may go a little longer on particular days.  You will be able to choose from what is available and can adjust it as needed before September 7, 2023 at 11:59PM. 

*Students assigned to spaces at Eighth College will not be able to move-in till September 23rd.  Please plan accordingly as we will not be able to approve anyone arriving before September 23rd.

Move-In Maps & Information

Additional move-in map & information related to your arrival to campus from HDH and the Colleges is posted below.  What we have is based on what we received.  Connect with your housing areas Residence Life Office for additional content. "Welcome" emails will be sent by your Residence Life Office to your UCSD email account so look for that information closer to when the MyRoomAssignment launches (see above).

If you are assigned to another housing area, you will receive your "Welcome" email from that housing community and can reach out to them for any question regarding your move-in process.

Warren College - Fall Move-In Information

Marshall College - Move-In 2023 and Marshall College Move-In Newsletter

Pepper Canyon East Apartments/Matthews - Fall Move-In Map 

Eleanor Roosevelt College (ERC) - ERC Welcome Letter and ERC Move-In Map Fall 2023 

Muir College - Muir Letter 2023 and Muir Check-In Procedures 

Revelle College - Welcome Letter and Revelle College Move-In Map 

Sixth College - Move-In 2023 Information

Seventh College - Fall 2023 Move-In Information

Eighth College - Fall 2023 Move-In Letter & Information 


Quick TIps

Important Dates --- Review dates related to housing deadlines.

What To Bring? --- Be prepared on what to bring or leave at home!

Dining Hours ---- Check for updated hours/locations for move-in!


Quarterly Move-Outs

End of Winter Quarter is approaching!  We wish everyone the best on their upcoming finals.  If you have an approved contract termination please make sure to follow all instructions provided from Housing and your community Residence Life Office.  

  • Physical keys (bedroom keys) need to be returned upon move-out.  If you fail to return the key, you will be assessed a key charge.
  • Take home all belongings if you received an approved contract termination.
  • Your access keycard to your suite or apartment needs to be updated.
  • Make sure to provide a forwarding address: Student Mail


Questions about move-in?  Please start with your housing community's Residence LIfe Office!