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acceleRATE Summer Program

  • Residents currently living on campus during the 2020-21 academic year will be part of the HDH acceleRATE Summer Program designed to help current UC San Diego student’s progress towards their degree more affordably. All summer housing residents must be enrolled in order to be eligible for on campus housing.

  • Designed for current housing residents (meaning they live on-campus during Spring Quarter) who will be enrolled in UC San Diego Summer Session

  • Deadline to apply for Session I is June 9th. Move-in would be scheduled for June 26, 2021.
  • Deadline to apply for Session II is July 14th. Move-In would be scheduled for July 31, 2021.
  • Cancellation fee of $150.00 applies to cancellations received after student has contracted and submitted a prepayment.
  • Housing Calendar, Cost and Payment Schedule for acceleRATE Program (pdf)
  • Summer 2021 Housing Rate: $27/night (single occupancy bedroom)
  • Optional Dining: You can select from the available dining plans during the contracting process for the following amounts:
    • Blue Dining Plan: $864 per 5 week session / $1,728 for the 10 week session
  • Weekly custodial services are not included in the housing rates.

Academic Disqualification Spring Quarter/Summer Housing 2021

Pre Move-In (Contract Cancellation):  For those students who have already contracted and submitted their prepayment for summer housing but have not yet taken residency, you are required to cancel your summer housing within seven days of notification from your academic office.  You will not be charged a cancellation fee and your prepayment will be refunded back to you.  To request cancellation of your summer housing contract, students will need to request a contract cancellation through the Summer Housing Portal on the homepage.

After Move-In (Contract Termination):  Students who have taken occupancy of their summer residence and whose appeal has been denied must move out of their summer allocation.  Students will be charged for any housing charges incurred while living on campus.  Summer housing is not pro-rated daily, but rather students will be charged in full week increments.  Student’s prepayment will go towards their housing charges.  Students will need to request a contract termination within seven days of notification from your academic office. Click on the Summer Housing Portal on the homepage to start your request for a contract cancellation. 

CANCELLATION of Summer Housing Contract

Prior to your move-in date and before you take occupancy, if you wish to cancel your housing contract you must notify HDH and the Summer Housing Team by logging into the Summer Housing Portal and clicking on the “Summer Housing Application, Checklist, FAQ, Change and Cancellation Requests” link.

Students will be assessed a cancellation fee in the amount of $150.00. Your original prepayment of $150.00 will pay this fee and there will not be any future housing charges due. Cancellation of this contract will be effective upon receipt of the request. Resident agrees to pay the cancellation fee as specified in the UC San Diego Housing Cancellation Policy, which is incorporated herein by reference.

Assurance of Accommodation

Resident shall be assured of accommodations when resident receives a confirmation email from upon completing the housing contract process and is enrolled in Summer Session 2021. 

Eligibility, Contract Process / Pre-Payment


Residents currently living on campus during the 2020-21 academic year will be part of the HDH acceleRATE Summer Program designed to help current UC San Diego student’s progress towards their degree more affordably. All summer housing residents must be enrolled in order to be eligible for on campus housing.

All summer housing residents must be enrolled in order to be eligible for on campus housing. The acceleRATE Summer Program does not require a mandatory dining plan and does not include custodial services.

UC San Diego Internships

If you are participating in an internship where you will receive credit towards your degree, you will qualify for on campus housing under the acceleRATE Summer Program.

UC San Diego students participating in paid internships with the university are not eligible for summer on campus housing.

Contract Process & Pre-Payment

Your housing application will be processed within 5-7 business days after being received by the Summer Housing Team. After, you will receive an email with the contract link and instructions in order to sign your housing contract. Once your contract has been signed, you will receive another email with the link to submit a prepayment in the amount of $150.00 via E-check. This $150.00 prepayment cannot be paid via your student account on Triton Link, as there will not be a charge on your student account. Instead, you will be directed to a secure third-party site to make the prepayment. Please make sure that you have the following information ready to make your e-check payment: name of the bank account holder, bank account number, and routing number. You also have the option to pay by Credit Card. You will have three days from the time that you receive the payment link to submit your prepayment. Failure to submit your prepayment within the given deadline of three days will result in your application being considered null and void by the Summer Housing Team. If you are having problems with the contracting process, please email the Summer Housing Team at with your name and your PID.

Early Move-In (Pre-Regular Session)

Early Move-In

Students currently housed on campus for the 2020-21 academic year are also eligible to contract for the early move-in session: June 13h through June 25th. Students will be able to select the early move-in option during step 3 of the summer housing application process. Step 3, where the student selects their summer space online, happens after they have completed the contracting & prepayment portion.

Students will be authorized to stay in their current space the evenings of Saturday, June 13th through Wednesday, June 16th. The first day of your contract begins on Sunday, June 13th; however, students will not move to their summer  space until Thursday, June 17th. Move-in times will be assigned or available to select. Students who are unable to move out of their current academic space and move in to their summer allocation during the designated day and timeframe given will not be able to contract for the early move-in session. There will be no exceptions.

The deadline to apply for the early move-in session is Friday, May 21st.

Students will receive specific instructions for move-in based on Campus policies and County guidelines related to COVID.

Cancellation of the Early Move-In Session ONLY

Students wishing to drop the early move-in session only while keeping their regular session may do so without penalty through May 28th Student’s dropping early move in session only, must log into the Summer Housing Portal and clicking on the “Summer Housing Application, Checklist, FAQ, Change and Cancellation Requests link”. Students failing to notify the university that they are no longer contracting for this session by May 28th will be assessed a cancellation fee in the amount of $150.00.

Students dropping the early move in session may be subject to a change in room assignment.

Living On Campus

Summer Housing will reside at Sixth College @ North Torrey Pines Living Learning Neighborhood

Additional information on mail, laundry, and campus details will continue to be updated so check back frequently.

Priority Deadlines

Priority Deadlines

Summer Housing Session Priority Deadline**
Early Move-In Session (6/13-6/25) 5/21/2021
1st 5 Week Session (6/27 – 8/1) 6/9/2021
6 Week Session (6/26 – 8/7) 6/9/2021
8 Week Session (6/26– 8/21) 6/9/2021
10 Week Session (6/26 – 9/5) 6/9/2021
2nd 5 Week Session (7/31 – 9/6) 7/14/2021

**The Housing Office requests that you submit your summer housing application by the priority deadline ONLY in order to better honor your preferences (i.e. session dates, room preference, etc.). If you miss the priority deadline to apply for your chosen session, you may still apply and be housed on campus if there is space, however the Summer Allocations Office may not be able to place you in your preferred room space.

Optional Summer Dining Offering

Optional Summer Dining

The acceleRATE Summer Housing Program does not require dining. We are providing an optional dining offering for students who desire one for the duration of their summer housing. Please keep in mind when deciding about whether dining is an option for you, that not all dining facilities will be open throughout the summer and the hours of operation will be fluid. In addition, if you are currently housed on campus and have dining dollars left at the end of spring quarter, you will be able to use those extra dining dollars throughout the summer and even through the upcoming fall quarter.

If you select summer dining, you will be able to dine at an open restaurant and/or HDH markets only when those facilities are open during the summer.  The summer dining plan is a declining balance.   When dining at a UC San Diego dining facility you must identify yourself as “summer session” to the cashier when paying for your meal.

Check out our UC San Diego Dining Services locations for the duration of your summer stay. The summer dining offering cannot be changed, dropped, refunded, or transferred to Triton Cash.

acceleRATE Self-Selection Process

Self-Selection Process

As an acceleRATE summer housing applicant you will be able to self-select your summer space. More information on the self-selection process will be available soon.

Students housed under the acceleRATE Program are unable to request apartment-mates as residents are selecting their own spaces. Students wishing to room with another student will need to communicate with potential apartment-mates in order to see which space (i.e. building, room, suite, etc.) they have selected. Students may then go in to see if a space is available in that room and/or suite. It is highly suggested that students wishing to room together in an apartments or suite, apply and complete the contract process around the same time in order to better your chances of picking a summer allocation in the same apartment and/or suite together and at the same time.

All students living on campus for Summer Housing 2021 will be housed in single occupancy bedrooms.

Extended Housing

Extended Housing Program (Post Summer Housing / Pre-Academic school year)

Information including dates, cost and elgibility will be shared at a later date and time.