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Traditional Summer Program

  • Non-residents (students who are not currently housed on campus), visitors, incoming freshmen, and incoming transfer students enrolled at the university in the summer will be housed in the Traditional Summer Housing Program. All summer housing residents must be enrolled in courses in order to be eligible for on campus housing.

  • Designed for both new incoming freshmen and new incoming transfer students, new incoming international students, UC continuing students not currently Housed on campus, and visiting students who will be enrolled in UC San Diego Summer Session - must be one of the conditions above.
  • Deadline to apply for Session I is June 9th Move-in is scheduled for June 26, 2021.
  • Deadline to apply for Session II is July 14th. Move-in is scheduled for July 31, 2021.
  • Cancellation fee of $150.00 applies to cancellations received after student has contracted and submitted a prepayment.
  • Housing Calendar, Cost and Payment Schedule for Traditional Summer Program (pdf)
  • Summer 2021 Room & Board Rate:
    • Housing & Blue Dining Plan: $67/per night with single occupancy bedroom:
  • The Traditional Summer Program includes a required declining balance dining plan. You can select from the following options:
    • Blue Dining Plan: $864 per 5 week session / $1,728 for the 10 week session
  • Rates include weekly custodial services in common areas only

Residence hall units are furnished but do not include kitchens or refrigerators and stoves. Apartment units are furnished and include kitchens with refrigerators and stoves. There is a limited amount of apartments availabe for Traditional Summer Housing.  All bedrooms include a bed, desk, chair, closet, and bookshelf for each resident. Laundry facilities are located in the complex. Linens, including blankets and pillows, are not provided.

CANCELLATION of Summer Housing Contract

Prior to your move-in date and before you take occupancy, if you wish to cancel your housing contract you must notify HDH and the Summer Housing Team by logging into the Summer Housing Portal and clicking on the “Summer Housing Application, Checklist, FAQ, Change and Cancellation Requests” link.

Students will be assessed a cancellation fee in the amount of $150.00. Your original prepayment of $150.00 will pay this fee and there will not be any future housing charges due. Cancellation of this contract will be effective upon receipt of the request. Resident agrees to pay the cancellation fee as specified in the UC San Diego Housing Cancellation Policy, which is incorporated herein by reference.

Assurance of Accommodation

Resident shall be assured of accommodations when resident receives a confirmation email from after completing the contract process and submitting the $150.00 prepayment.

Eligibility, Contract Process / Pre-Payment


Non-residents (students who are not currently housed on campus), visitors, incoming freshmen, and incoming transfer students enrolled at the university in the summer will be housed in the Traditional Summer Housing Program. All summer housing residents must be enrolled in courses in order to be eligible for on campus housing.

All Traditional summer housing residents must be 17 years of age at the time that they take residency in the summer allocation in addition to being enrolled in courses in order to be eligible for on campus housing. The Traditional Summer Program includes dining in addition to custodial services which includes the cleaning of common areas only (laundry facilities, student activity center, kitchen (apartments only), bathroom and student lounge). Residents are responsible for the cleaning of their private sleeping areas and removal of their trash.

Contract Process & Pre-Payment

Your housing application will be processed within 5-7 business days upon being received by the Summer Housing Team. After, you will receive an email with the contract link in order to sign your housing contract. Once your contract has been signed you will receive another email with the link to submit a prepayment in the amount of $150.00 via E-check or Credit Card. This $150.00 prepayment cannot be paid via your student account on Triton Link, as there will not be a charge on your student account. Instead, you will be directed to a secure third-party site to make the prepayment. Please make sure that you have the following information ready to make your e-check payment: name of the bank, account holder, bank account number, and routing number. Credit Card is also an opttion. You will have three days from the time that you receive the payment link to submit your prepayment. Failure to submit your prepayment within the given deadline of three days will result in your application being considered null and void by the Summer Housing Team.

If you are having problems with the contracting process, please email the Summer Housing Team at with your name and your PID.

Living On Campus

Living On Campus

Information Coming May 2021!

Move-In Maps

Information Coming May 2021!

Campus Mailing

Information Coming May 2021!


The Laundry Machines in the Residence Halls and Apartments are NOT coin operated; however, you can pay conveniently with your Laundry account on your campus ID card. 

The Laundry account is the prepaid spending account for all undergraduate residents; you add whatever amount you like through the Online Card Office and the balance is linked to your campus ID card.  Summer Success Program Students can begin adding money on/after the following dates:  Summer Session 1 - after June 28th and Summer Session 2 - after August 2nd.

Laundry machines use High Efficiency (HE) Detergent.

  • Wash is $1.25 per wash
  • Dry is $1.00, extra 15 minutes .25

If you have any questions regarding your Laundry account, please contact Triton Card Accounts Services (TCAS) at 858.534.7587 or

Connecting to ResNet

For instructions on how to connect to the internet in your Apartment or Residence Hall please visit the Res Net "Get Connected" Instructional web page.

Housing and Residential Life Policies

Please see the Housing and Residential Life Policies and be familiar with them while you live on campus this summer.

University Centers

As you enjoy your summer with us, check out a few items available to you at the University Centers Shops & Services.

Triton Cash

Triton Cash is the University's pre-paid spending account that is linked directly to your campus ID card so check out Triton Cash for more information on what's available this summer.

Priority Deadlines

Priority Deadlines

Summer Housing Session Priority Deadline**
1St 5 Week Session (6/26 – 8/1) 6/9/2021
6 Week Session (6/26 – 8/07) 6/9/2021
8 Week Session (6/26– 8/21) 6/9/2021
10 Week Session (6/26 – 9/4) 6/9/2021
2nd 5 Week Session (7/31 – 9/4) 7/14/2021

***The Housing Office requests that you submit your summer housing application by the priority deadline ONLY so we are better able to honor your preferences (i.e. session dates, room preference, and roommate requests). If you miss the priority deadline for chosen session, you may still apply and be housed on campus if there is space, however the Summer Allocations Office may not be able to place you in your preferred room space nor consider your roommate requests

Summer Dining

Your summer dining allows you to dine at all UC San Diego dining facilities that will be open over the summer 64 Degrees and open HDH markets. Summer dining is a declining balance. When dining at a UC San Diego dining facility you must identify yourself as “summer session” to the cashier when paying for your meal.

Summer dining can only be used at UC San Diego Dining Services locations that are available during your summer stay. Dining cannot be changed, dropped, refunded, or transferred to Triton Cash.

View the Summer Dining website for more information in June!

Roommate Requests

Summer housing residents will be in single occupancy bedrooms.  If there is someone who also applied for Summer Housing and has the same summer session, there will be an opportunity to indicate a potential suite-mate or apartment-mate.  We cannot guarantee those requests, but will make every effort to do so.

Extended Housing

Extended Housing Program (Post Summer Housing / Pre-Academic school year)

Information coming soon!