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Short-Term Transition Housing

Students who may need flexible housing accommodations this summer and meet the eligibility criteria below will have the opportunity to apply for short-term transition housing on campus for Summer 2021.  Housing availability runs from June 18 through September 4, 2021.**

**Current residents who need short-term housing will have the ability to start June 13th and would remain in their current space from June 13th through June 17th.  You would then move to your short-term allocated space at Sixth College @ North Torrey Pines Living Learning Neighborhood on June 18th.


Short-Term Transition Housing Portal

Eligibility Criteria

The following students are eligible for Short-Term Transition Housing:

  • Recent graduates (Spring 2021)
  • Incoming first-year and transfer students who have accepted their offer of admissions and need transition housing as an exception
  • Continuing undergraduate students living on and off campus
  • Extension students (International students)
  • Graduate/Professional students living on and off campus
    • Current graduate housing residents should contact their Leasing Office to inquire about the possibility of extending their current lease before submitting an application for Short-Term Housing.  Extending your current lease may be less costly and would not necessitate moving to our undergraduate facilities where the Short-Term Transition Housing program is held.

Costs & Details

  • Housing availability:  June 18, 2021 through September 4, 2021
    • Current undergraduate residents will be able to start June 13, 2021 and would remain in your current space through June 17th.
    • Current undergraduate residents who need the early move-in option must have signed a Short Term Housing Contract by June 4th in order to be eligible.
  • Students can begin to apply on May 17, 2021. 
  • Starting June 10, 2021 - students will need to apply with at least three (3) business days notice before their needed move-in date.  Assurance of accommdation cannot be met if it's less than three business days.
    • There will be limited move-ins on weekends. Try and plan to arrive during the week.
    • Move-ins will take place during business hours.
  • All students will need to sign a housing contract and receive confirmation before move-in instructions will be provided.
  • Cost is $51/night/per person for a single occupancy bedroom in a shared apartment (common area, kitchen, and bathroom). Based on limited availability, we may need to use residence halls as well.
  • Weekly custodial service provided for the common area, kitchen, and bathroom only.
  • There will be no linens, silverware, or pots and pans provided.  Units are furnished with a bed (twin-XL), desk, chair and wardrobe/closet in the bedroom. The living room has dining table with chairs and sofa. Kitchen has stove and refrigerator.
  • There is no dining plan with Short-Term Transition Housing.
  • There is no programming provided.
  • Students will be assigned in gendered housing in single occupancy bedroom by HDH.
  • Students will need to connect to ResNet for wi-fi access after move-in.

How To Apply

  • Click on the "Short-Term Transition Housing Portal" button above.  You will need to log in with your campus credentials (PID and password).
  • Once logged in, select the "Short-Term Transition Housing Category" to expand it.
  • Click on the link: "Summer 2021: Short-Term Transition Housing Application & Contract Process"
    • Applications submitted will take up to three (3) business days to review to receive the housing contract.
    • Issued housing contracts will be due by the stated deadline in the email you receive.
    • As a student, all communication should be through your UC San Diego email account.

*If you don't have a PID, you will need to contact to provide your name and additional information so that we may research it.  It may take up to 3-5 business days to get back to you if you don't have a PID.

Move-In Information & Campus Living

  • Additional information will be shared specific to the move-in process.
  • A COVID test will be required prior to your assigned move-in time. Instructions will be provided.
  • After hours move-ins will not be available.
  • Face coverings/mask will be required to move-in and all short-term housing units will be under Phase I of the campus Return To Learn.  Face coverings/mask will be required in your unit with the exception of your private bedroom or when showering.
  • Guests are not permitted on campus or in your unit as part of the Return To Learn program.